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‘No Win No Fee*’ Lawyers Mackay & Moranbah

At Wallace & Wallace Lawyers we appreciate that a person’s financial circumstances may mean that they are unable to pay legal costs as their particular matter progresses. For that reason we offer a ‘no win no fee*’ service for the following types of Queensland matters:

*Conditions apply:  "No win no fee**" arrangements are restricted to the above types of matter and the injury or accident must have occurred in Queensland.  In a small number of cases your matter many not be eligible for a "no win no fee*" arrangement.  We can discuss other cost arrangements should this be the case.

Commonly Asked Questions

What does it mean if my matter is ‘no win no fee*’?

If we accept a matter on a ‘no win no fee*’ basis it will mean that payment of our professional legal fees associated with acting on your behalf in the matter will be deferred until your matter reaches a successful outcome. If you are not successful in the claim (you don't receive any compensation) then we will not render an account to you for our professional legal fees.

Am I responsible for medical expenses and other outlays?

Generally you will be responsible for the payment of outlays to third parties eg. medical reports, search fees, filing fees and the like. However, depending on your particular circumstances, we may be able to defer payment of those outlays or negotiate payment by instalments. In most cases, we are able to provide you with an estimate at the outset on the likely outlays you will incur so that any concerns you may have regarding payment can be addressed at our initial interview with you or shortly thereafter. Wallace & Wallace Lawyers does not charge interest on outlays paid on a client’s behalf even when payment is deferred until the completion of the matter.  We do not engage litigation lending providers.  Our firm fully funds the payment of outlays (if we agree to do so) so there are no nasty fees passed on to you at the conclusion of your matter.

What if my claim is unsuccessful?

Please note that if your claim is unsuccessful, it may be the case that you have to pay the successful parties’ costs associated with the claim. While Wallace & Wallace Lawyers will not be responsible for payment of those costs, you will be advised from the outset what the risks involved in any particular claim are, so that you can assess for yourself the likelihood of this possibility. Most claims settle without any court proceedings.

Will I have to go to Court?

Many claims can be settled without the need to commence court proceedings. Where court proceedings are necessary, very few claims progress to a court hearing.  In fact 97% of claims do not go all the way to trial.

Every claim must go through a process of alternate dispute resolution whereby the parties have a settlement conference, both before court proceedings and after the commencement of court proceedings, to try to resolve the claim.

In some circumstances, in bigger matters, a mediation is undertaken where an independent mediator assists the parties to try to resolve the claim.

As your Solicitors, we will endeavour to make an early offer of settlement for your claim and try to resolve the claim for a reasonable amount, as soon as possible, to avoid increasing legal fees.

If you have any further queries in relation to the circumstances and conditions of a ‘no win no fee*’ arrangement, please contact our office for a detailed explanation at no cost to you.

​We also offer in home visits to those clients who are physically unable to attend our offices.

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