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Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation

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Wills and estates are increasingly subject to challenges and claims.  Death, emotion and inheritances combined often gives rise to disputes.  These disputes add stress and pressure in already difficult circumstances.

At Wallace & Wallace Lawyers we are committed to providing practical, realistic advice in estate dispute scenarios.  Where possible, we will support and assist you in attempting to maintain family relationships in the negotiation and dispute resolution process.   Where a resolution cannot be achieved without Court intervention, we can represent you in Court proceedings.

Our Estate Litigation Services include:

  • Providing advice regarding the validity of a Will;
  • Providing advice regarding disputes about estate distributions / beneficiary entitlements / disputes between executors or administrators;
  • Contesting or challenging a Will;
  • Defending a challenge against a Will or claims against an estate;
  • Bringing or defending Family Provision Claims;
  • Removing executors or administrators;
  • Statutory Wills;
  • Power of Attorney Disputes;
  • Guardianship and Administration Disputes;
  • Superannuation / Death Benefit Claim Challenges.

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