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Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation & Arbitration

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Mediation, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

There are many different ways to resolve a family law matter.  Only a small percentage of matters require court proceedings.  These matters are usually confined to cases that are genuinely complicated, or matters where one party is not acting in accordance with advice from an experienced family lawyer. 

Filing proceedings does not mean your matter has to proceed to Trial to resolve.  There are matters where proceedings need to be filed to ensure the parties have a framework with ground rules to progress the matter.  There are also matters where urgent proceedings are required (for example, if there is a risk to the children).  However, it is quite common for matters to resolve after proceedings are filed, without the need for a Trial. 

Resolving family law disputes without going to Court

Proceedings in court are stressful, and can often lead to further deterioration of the relationship between you and the other party.  This is particularly problematic in circumstances where you are required to co-parent with the other party.  For that reason, our family lawyers spend a large portion of their time attempting to resolve disputes in a manner that prevents the need to file proceedings. 

There are many different options for resolving your family law dispute including:-

  1. Mediation, with or without a lawyer, to negotiate the property settlement or care arrangements for the children.  There are several types of Mediation, and the type of Mediation that is appropriate will depend on your circumstances.
  2. Negotiations with the other party through correspondence.
  3. Resolving your matter by way of Consent Orders, Binding Financial Agreement or Parenting Plan, should an agreement be reached with the other party. 

Our experienced family lawyers will ensure that you understand your options to progress your matter, and the alternatives to commencing court proceedings (if appropriate in your circumstances).  Please contact our office should you wish to discuss your family law matter with one of our experienced family lawyers.

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