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Family Law Appointment Information

Family Law Appointment Information

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What documentation do I need to bring to my first family law appointment?

The documentation you will need to bring to your first appointment will vary depending on the advice you are seeking. The following is a guide to the information and documentation generally required in all family law matters.

All Matters

  • The other person’s phone number, email and residential address.
  • Copies of any correspondence you have received from the other person or their solicitor.
  • For a divorce matter – a copy of your Marriage Certificate (note: the Court will not accept a copy of your Commemorative Marriage Certificate when applying for a divorce).

Parenting Matters

For parenting matters you should provide the following:

  • Parenting plans or parenting orders currently or previously in place.
  • The details of any children of the relationship and details of any sport or extra-curricular appointments they have.
  • A copy of your work roster and/or the other parent’s work roster.
  • A clear understanding of what time the children have been spending with you in the time period before the appointment.

Property Settlements

When obtaining advice about property settlement matters, try to collate the following information to take to your appointment:

  • Bank statements, superannuation statements, payslips and tax returns for you and your ex.
  • A list of all assets and debts held by you and/or your ex as well as their estimated value.
  • Details of any significant sums of money received from an injury claim, motor vehicle accident, inheritance or substantial gift or lottery win.

Providing the above information will mean that we can give you advice which is tailored to your situation.

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